Lucks Edible Image Happy Vrty Designer Prints, 36 pk

Grocery & Gourmet Food
Lucks Edible Image® Designer Prints™ Cake Decorating Strips Happy Variety Pack contains 12 each of 3 designs. Designer Prints are a fun and easy way to decorate buttercream, fondant, gum paste, chocolate, whipped toppings, fudge and ice cream cakes. Designer Prints give the look of a high-end cake without the added time and labor, and enable decorators of all skill levels to easily craft beautiful cakes and confections. Lucks Edible Image® Designer Prints™ cake decorating strips are completely edible. When placed on food, they absorb moisture and become soft, blending in seamlessly with your culinary creation. Edible Image® Designer Prints™ decorations are shelf stable and will keep for a minimum of 5 years when stored under the recommended storage conditions. Product that is stored outside of the recommended conditions will not jeopardize the quality as long as the product remains dry. Product that is stored outside of the recommended conditions may have a reduced shelf life. Orthodox Union Kosher certified. Made in USA. Edible Image® is a registered trademark of The Lucks Company.

Works well on buttercream, fondant, gum paste, chocolate, fudge and ice cream cakes
12 each of 3 designs
Packaged in a moisture resistant metalized polyester zipper pouch
Kosher certified
Made in USA

Adhoc Pepe Stainless Steel and Acrylic Chili Cutter, 8-Inch

Spice Graters
It's the right use of miscellaneous herbs and spices that turns a dish into a flavorful treat. Apart from the selection of proper aromas; it all comes down to their correct treatment. Ado has recently developed a special cutting tool that makes it easy for you to refine your own cooking and enrich it with the aromas of different herbs and spices. Specially designed to cut dried herbs and spices with a special stainless steel blade featuring sharply etched teeth. The dried herbs and spices are cut, not ground and can thus perfectly unfold in their individual aroma. A new sensation of taste!.

Stainless steel and acrylic design
Uniquely shaped chili cutter with clear storage container
Includes an aroma sealing bottom cap for freshness
Unique cutting device optimized for use with dry, hot chilies such as Birds Tongue, African Devils, Piri Piri
Limited 2 year warranty