Acoustimass 3 Series IV speaker system - White

Speaker Systems
2 New Ultra-Compact Satellite Speakers for Left and Right Stereo Channels / Acoustimass Bass Module / White

In the 4th series of this outstandingly popular speaker system, the left and right channel drivers are less than 4 high and direct the middle and upper ranges of the audio spectrum with exceptional clarity, definition and realism
The Acoustimass Module uses one 5.25 ported bass driver that accurately delivers lower frequencies with dimensional depth (without the annoying rumble associated with lesser speakers)
The result, when connected to your stereo system, is unbounded realism and distinctive stereo reproduction that is totally faithful to the original recording
The Acoustimass Module is compact and fits virtually anywhere in your room while the Satellite speakers are so compact they're barely noticeable
Sound is heard and not seen. The overall experience is pure ecstacy

Bath & Body Works Pleasures Juniper Breeze Creamy Body Wash 8 oz


Bath & Body Works Pleasures Juniper Breeze Creamy Body Wash 8 oz.

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Invigorating, Fresh, Evergreen Scent of Juniper Wafting on a Cool Morning Breeze
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